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We are a software development company which provides outsourcing, software solutions and consulting for companies in Argentina and abroad. We work with a wide range of technologies and tools for software development and design.

Our intended market includes the following sectors:

- Microsoft Business Solutions partners (Microsoft CRM, Great Plains, Axapta)

- Software Development & Consultancy companies and IT departments within companies

- Companies interested in using Open Source software and PHP products  

Who we are

Barton & Barton was created at the beginning of 2007 with an idea in mind: to provide the means for software consultancy companies to outsource their software development and benefit from it instead of acquiring new problems. These benefits can vary depending on the company, for instance sometimes it is not very easy to find local software developers, sometimes there is a need to push costs down by opening a branch in an emergent economy but there's not enough money to invest on it, sometimes a company just doesn't want to go through the trouble of hiring new staff, and the list goes on. Our staff is constantly creating new tools to work with and also new software to put on the market, trying to always use and produce cutting edge solutions. We have also in mind that science is the future, so a big deal of time is constantly invested in R&D in order to explore new ways to develop software and also new products that could at any given moment be pushed into production.  

Our goal

Our goal is quite simple: we want other companies to have a simple way to solve specific software related problems at a given time and not find themselves struggling to get a solution. Our aim in the end is to make the software development world a bit better and try to be a participant party of this new technologic and globalized era. So if you own a company and have a software related problem you need to solve, contact us, we might find a way to solve it!