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Science Lab

Here is a short description of what's being cooked up in our lab:

 Language Glider: we have released a first Beta version of Language Glider. This project is our way to put language teachers and students closer to technology. In time, we will offer a wider range of software tools so that all teachers can chose what to use and make the best out of the teaching experience. It will be completely free, check it out here: Let us know what you think, we are always eager to receive feedback and find ways to improve the product.

 PentagoNOnoticias: If you are an amateur journalist, a passionate writer or just have a vivid imagination, then we recommend you to wait for this piece of software, it will change your life!!! Why journalists working on known newspapers should be the only ones with an opportunity to write and "create" stories... create your own!!!

 Jazz: Labs and Clinics Management Software. Through the use of this product you will be able to manage your patients, doctors, schedules, medical charts, medical history, contacts, generate reports and more. This product is only available in Spanish language. Developed in VB6 and MSSQL, it's really easy to install, configure and use! Visit for more information.